Staggering Information Found in Released JFK Files-What the Press Won't Tell You

Note: This article was written in November of 2017 just after the deadline to release the remaining JFK Files on October 26, 2017

Most mainstream articles (those appearing in “major” publications, i.e. publications that have wide circulations) make certain unquestioned assumptions.  By presenting these unquestioned assumptions, they imply to the uniformed reader that these assumptions are generally accepted.  They are not.  Especially among the research community.  Those assumptions are (in bold followed by responses to them):

That Oswald killed JFK:

The evidence reveals that a minimum of 3 snipers were firing on JFK, none of whom was Oswald.  There is very credible evidence that Oswald didn’t fire a gun and no credible evidence that he did fire a gun (which doesn’t mean that a gun he owned was not fired).  Oswald was never given an attorney as he vehemently requested, and if he had gone to trial he probably would have been acquitted which is why he had to be killed ASAP.  The plan was probably to kill him at the scene and when that part of the plan went awry the conspirators had to improvise.  It also means the conspirators had to have influence in the Dallas Police Department where Oswald was shot, which, in turn, narrows the possible list of conspirators.

By assuming that the question is whether or not Oswald had accomplishes, these authors deceptively revert the debate from “Who killed JFK?” to “Did Oswald have accomplices?”.  That way the discussion never progresses to “Who organized and executed the conspiracy”?  They almost always ignore the US House of Representative’s own admission that there was a conspiracy.

That there’s nothing revealing in already-released documents and there will probably not be anything revealing in newly released documents:

The 1st underlying assumption here is that so far we haven’t learned anything important in files that have already been released.

What follows is proof that the mainstream media is ignoring the truth by not even revealing to their readers what’s in files that have already been released.  It is in chapter III of Peter Dale Scott's 2013 book, Oswald, Mexico and Deep Politics.  Remember, he’s talking about documents release during or before 2013, at least 4 years ago:

If fact the recently release documents tell us a great deal that is new, and important, not so much about Lee Oswald the man, who remains mysterious, but about “Lee Oswald’ the (CIA) file subject.  The man may or may not have been neglected, but the file subject was the focus of sustained government interest.  This lasted from the time of his alleged defection in 1959, and was particularly active in the crucial eight weeks preceding the President’s murder.

…Although the CIA had professedly no intelligence interest in Oswald the man, incoming FBI documents on “Lee Oswald” the file subject were always distributed to widely scattered sections of the CIA ‘s Counterintelligence Staff, from a minimum of four persons in different sections, to as many as eleven.  At least two FBI documents on “Lee Harvey Oswald” were reviewed by SAS/CI/Control, in the Counterintelligence section of the CIA’s anti-Castro Special Affairs Staff, on November 21, 1963, the day before the assassination.

These details by themselves prove nothing.  More serious is the evidence that the CIA files were being fed false information from without, while in the same period CIA officers were further distorting and falsifying the Oswald file with additional false information from inside, both prior to the assassination and subsequent to it.

… However one hypothesis at the center seems more and more reasonable.  This is that the CIA’s files were doing both fed and doctored in late 1963 to present a continuous flow of apparent evidence, always plausible but never conclusive, and above all never true, that Oswald was a possible agent of Soviet or Cuban intelligence.

…This alleged evidence was never at any time strong enough to justify an armed response against either the Soviet Union or Cuba.  On the other hand it was cumulatively enough for Lyndon Johnson, by November 29,1963, to persuade Chief Justice Warren and other recalcitrant leaders of the need for a Warren Commission (to declare Oswald a lone assassin and therefore avoid a nuclear war with the Soviet Union).

You can see by this how people in the CIA may have duped LBJ into unwittingly pushing for a cover-up in the assassination (or possibly an attack on the Soviet Union as some have claimed) based on falsely created “evidence” in CIA files, evidence created before the assassination.  Where is this story in mainstream media?  And, just as importantly, why don’t they report it?  It’s all there in released government files and researcher’s books.  Aren’t they supposed to be a free press independent of the government?

That James Earl Ray killed MLK

The evidence shows that James Earl Ray was also set up.  In fact, Ray’s lawyer has even identified the person who manipulated James Earl Ray, tracked down more than one of the conspirators and even taken one, Lloyd Jowers, to court.  Read the Transcription of the King Family Press Conference on the MLK Assassination Trial Verdict link in the 2nd section of the linked web page which not only talks about the conspiracy to kill King revealed in a court of law, but actually names the person was probably the real sniper that shot King.   Have you heard that through mainstream media?  We both know that sensationalism sells, and that’s certainly sensational, so why not even mention it?  King’s own family believes it which, by itself, makes it a story.

Having said all that, some of the files may never be released for reasons not directly related to the JFK assassination.  They may be withholding certain files because the CIA doesn’t want to reveal unlawful methods or facts such as that they have agents planted in foreign governments (e.g. Mexico), an idea that still has implications today, although that doesn’t mean that the suppressed files don’t contain even more damning information about the assassination.  The files that have already been released, as shown above, reveal staggering information related to Oswald and the murder of JFK.  The mainstream press, for whatever reasons, just won’t write about them.