Wednesday, 11/22/17 Conference Schedules

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017
Time JFK Assassination Conference Lancer
November in Dallas
9:15 AM Transport and Set-Up: Volunteers welcome! (Ended)
11:00 Celebration of JFK’s 100th Birthday: In honor of a great President and Patriot , in tributes and song. 
Robert Groden (it’s his birthday, too),
Judyth Vary Baker, Beverly Oliver,
David Neal,
Chana Willis
12:00 Noon Remembrance Ceremony and 54 Seconds Of Silence, “Taps” by Bobby
Ceremony equipment take-down.  Maps to Rose Hill Cemetery handed out.
2:30 Trip to Gravesite of Lee Harvey Oswald at Rose Hill Cemetery
3:30 Lee Harvey Oswald Remembrance Ceremony