Release What Files?

 The release of over 6.5 million pages of classified records from the Warren Commission and HSCA investigations and other government agencies have already rewritten the history of the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the assassination itself, backing up Jim Garrison's case for intelligence agency and Pentagon complicity.  However, since the Review Board folded in 1998, we have discovered more files relating to Oswald, to George Joannides, Air Force One tapes, etc.  Bill Kelly has a good compilation of them on his JFKCountercoup blog.  Also see for more links on the issue.
We know there are over 1,000 CIA records still withheld, meaning perhaps 10,000 pages, that we have been told will not be released by the end of this year by both CIA and NARA officials. We asked for expedited release. All postponed record releases are due to end in 2013 but we have been told some will not be released then either. Some files relating to the assassination, by the ARRB definition and by topic, have been marked internally as NBR, not believed relevant, and were never turned over to the ARRB and would not come up in a search.
The DIA did not cooperate with the ARRB at all, the Secret Service destroyed records after the board was formed, specifically prohibited, but some have been located and returned to NARA.
One good source about files not sent for review is in the Final Report of the ARRB in the last chapters, and that report is online at the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). They complain that some agencies stonewalled them for four years or did not fully cooperate in locating records. In addition, files on Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. collected by the HSCA and other government agencies have never been released, and we have been working to get Congress to introduce and pass a Martin Luther King Records Act that would parallel the JFK Act and force release.
Files still remain secret in both the RFK and Malcolm X assassinations. After 5 decades, there is no national security excuse for withholding this information.  We may find smoking files not smoking guns, and we may find out more from what is not there than what is, but the fact that they are still fighting us so hard on these records make them valuable in my view.  Don't buy into the cynicism that the JFK files are loose and the case is closed because they showed us nothing new. No one has even read them all yet. And over a two dozen new books have been written based on them that reveal the truth about these assassinations. JJ

-John Judge of the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)

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