More Selected Talks

    Assassination Archives and
Research Center 2014 Conference:
Speaker Time Title
Josiah Thompson 0:29 Lone Gunman Theory
Don Thomas :40 :40 & :15 Q&A  
Acoustical Evidence for the Number and Sequence of Gunshots in the Kennedy Assassination
A well-presented talk showing scientific evidence proving at least 5 shots from at least 2 shooters, including one on the grassy knoll.  This is a must-watch for critical thinkers.
Antonio Veciana 1:16 Admissions and Revelations-More meaningful if you've read Gaeton Fonzi's book 'The Last Investigation'.
Dan Hardway & Edwin Lopez 1:24 The HSCA and the CIA
Professor G. Robert Blakey 0:43 Appearance Before the 2014 AARC
Dr. Joan Mellen 0:44 INFILTRATIONS - Corruption of Gov. Investigations
Anthony Summers 0:51 After Not In Your Lifetime
Jim DiEugenio 0:47 A Motive For Murder-Kennedy's Foreign Policy
Rex Bradford 0:42 The Church Committee and The Warren Commission
Dr. John Newman 1:19 Dark Operations - Deciphering the CIA’s Cuban Secrets
Bill Kelly 0:36 The Air Force One Tapes
Larry Hancock 0:60 Someone Would Have Talked
Speaker Time Title
Ken Rahn 0:30 The Harmony of the Physical Evidence
Dr. Gary Aguilar 1:04 Junk Science and the Death of JFK
Bill Simpich 0:34 Captain Westbrook and the Tippit Shooting
Malcolm Blunt 0:44 JFK Records and NARA
    Non-AARC Talks
Speaker Time Title
Peter Janney,
Mary's Mosaic
1:18 Peter Janney, son of high-level CIA officer, Wistar Janney discusses the the greater historical context of the cold war and JFK's assassination as it relates his book, Mary's Mosaic, the true-story1964 murder of JFK mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer.  20 minutes in, he discusses who killed JFK and why.  At 27:25 he reveals the dramatic story of what has happened since the book's release.
Joseph McBride 0:55 Search for the Killers of Office JD Tippet
Dr. Grover Proctor 0:55 Oswald's Phone Call after the Assassination
(Followed by hour-long Q&A with Jim Marrs)
Richard Sprague :07 Former Chief Counsel of U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA).