The Back Wound

This autopsy photo of JFK shows a bullet hole in the neck that has been obliterated by being widened to perform a tracheotomy on the president.  Nonetheless, the location matters.  Other evidence shows that at least one shot came from behind the president so if the bullet hole in the president's neck was made by a bullet coming from the front, there had to be at least 2 snipers and, therefore, a conspiracy (or one hell of a coincidence).  If the bullet came from behind and exited the neck, the entry location on the back must be above the exit location in the neck because the shots supposedly came from the 6th floor of a building behind the president:

Here's what the Warren Commission said:

To explain the bullet in the front of the president's neck the Warren Commission submitted this diagram showing the path of the bullet through the presidents neck from back to front:
...and the following diagram showing the location of the neck wound from behind (lower bullet hole):

Warren Commission diagram of the Back Wound & Head Wound:


Here's what the evidence shows:

  Bullet hole in the back of JFK's suit coat:


Bullet hole in the back of JFK's shirt:

Back wound in the autopsy photo of JFK's back:


Back wound location on the autopsy diagram:


JFK's death certificate (page 2, underlined here) places the back wound "at about the level of the third thoracic vertebra"  (Click to expand):


Diagram of thoracic vertebrae: