King Family vs Lloyd Jowers

Vs. Case No. 97242

December 8th, 1999

THE COURT: All right, ladies and gentlemen. I understand you reached a verdict. Is that correct? 

THE JURY: Yes (In unison).
THE COURT: May I have that verdict.
(Verdict form passed to the Court.)
THE COURT: I have authorized this gentleman here to take one picture of you which I'm going to have developed and make copies and send to you as I promised.  Okay.  All right, ladies and gentlemen. Let me ask you, do all of you agree with this verdict?
THE JURY: Yes (In unison).
THE COURT: In answer to the question did Loyd Jowers participate in a conspiracy to do harm to Dr. Martin Luther King, your answer is yes. Do you also find that others, including governmental agencies, were parties to this conspiracy as alleged by the defendant? Your answer to that one is also yes. And the total amount of damages you find for the plaintiffs entitled to is one hundred dollars. Is that your verdict?
THE JURY: Yes (In unison).
THE COURT: All right. I want to thank you ladies and gentlemen for your participation. It lasted a lot longer than we had originally predicted. In spite of that, you hung in there and you took your notes and you were alert all during the trial. And we appreciate it. We want you to note that our courts cannot function if we don't have jurors who accept their responsibility such as you have. I hope it has been a pleasant experience for you and that when you go back home you'll tend tell your friends and neighbors when they get that letter saying they've been summoned for jury duty, don't try to think of up those little old lies, just come on down and it is not so bad after all.  I know how much you regret the fact that you won't be able to come back for the next ten years. I don't know, I may or may not recognize you if I see you on the street some day, but if you would see me and recognize me, I sure would appreciate you coming up and reminding me of your service here.  To remind you of your service, we have some certificates that we have prepared for you. They look real good in a frame.  Not only will they remind you of your service here, but they will remind you also of that wonderful judge who presided over this. We do thank you very much on behalf of everyone who has participated in this trial.  You were directed not to discuss the case when you were first sworn. Now that your verdict has been reached, I'm going to relieve you of that oath, meaning that you may or may not discuss it. It is up to you.  No one can force you to. And if you discuss it, it will only be because you decide that you wanted to.  I guess that's about all except that I want to come around there and personally shake your hand. You are what I would call Trojans.  Having said that, as soon as I get around there and get a chance to shake your hands, you'll be dismissed.
(Judge Swearengen left the bench to shake the jurors hands.)
THE COURT: Those of you who would like to retain your notes, you may do so if you want to.  I guess that's about it. So consider yourselves dismissed and we thank you again. Ladies and gentlemen, Court is adjourned.
(The proceedings were concluded at 3:10 p.m. on December 8th, 1999.)


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